Hillsboro Community Library

Did you know the HCL has:

Over 5,000 items and a host of

community services

   • Books
   • Music and books on CD
   • Large print books
   • Reference books
   • Magazines
   • A youth reading section
   • Maps of the area
   • Videos and DVDs
   • 100 Best Movies of the 20th Century
   • DSL Internet stations

   • Wi Fi Internet Connection

   • Inter-library loan services

   • Long distance phone service

And over 1,400 visitations annually checking out over 2,000 items.

The Hillsboro Community Library

is an independent volunteer-run library located in the Hillsboro Community Center in Hillsboro, NM.  In 1990, the Friends of the Library was established to raise funds for the library.  The Friends board and the Library board were combined at the annual meeting on February 3, 2008.

The Library’s board of directors  strives to stimulate the use of the library’s resources, to develop services and facilities for the community, and to focus public attention on libraries.

Supporting the people's freedom to read